Juicy AF*

Kay Allison

That glass of wine you start with after work to “take the edge off” has escalated into its own mystifying problem: one drink becomes more. Mornings are their own cocktail of remorse and shame. You swear you’re done, but evening comes and never again becomes yet again. Again.

Ladies, if you suspect drinking isn’t working for you anymore, you’ve found the right book. If you’re “sober curious” but worried sobriety sounds boring, executive coach and entrepreneur Kay Allison proves otherwise. Hilarious, insightful Juicy AF demonstrates you can live an interesting, joyful, fulfilling life without hangovers and regrets.

Alongside a practical framework for assessing your relationship with alcohol, Kay outlines five spiritual laws of the universe that will help you envision your ideal future, take action, and make it your reality. With Juicy AF, you can become the woman you were looking for at the bottom of every glass—with clarity, color, and confidence!

Press & Praise

Lauren Skye,Founder of Inner Connection Institute and author of Spiritual Amnesia: A Wake-Up Call to What You Really Are

A real, raw journey into our depths, guided by a wise woman who's been there and claimed the treasures beneath. Where does it lead? To that lightness of being within that we all seek; to freedom, life, and AF joy. This book is a gem of a read by a gem of a woman.

Mary Bell Nyman, Founder of Psychic Horizons

Laugh and dream your way to freedom. Tired of waking up hungover and not getting anywhere then try Kay Allison's approach and before you know it your life is better than you ever imagined. Let Kay coach you to the life you want and are passionate about. Why go for ordinary when you can have so much more!!

Jill Carnahan, MD Flatiron Functional Medicine

I have known Kay Allison for many years and excited about the release of her new book, Juicy AF: Stop the Spiral, Unleash Your Future. In an exponentially changing landscape post-pandemic, this indispensable guide will help successful women leave alcohol behind for good by applying powerful spiritual principles for true growth and transformation. You will be inspired by Kay's lighthearted but brutally honest approach giving clear and practical resources to address the root cause of any addiction that might be keeping you from living your best life!

Kay Allison helps professional women break their drinking habits and get free… free from booze, free from shame and free from anxiety.

In 1999, Kay Allison was a Senior Vice President at a global ad agency and a single mom as her drinking escalated to the point that she went alcohol free.

Since then, Kay increased her income 6x, met and married a man she’s still crazy about 21 years later, helped Fortune 200 companies generate $2 billion in new revenue, adopted a child, written two books, invented 4 successful businesses, travelled around the world and moved to her dream town.

Most important, she is happy with herself.

She’s a clairvoyant, an executive coach, and a healer. She lives in a pine forest complete with a waterfall. She truly lives a Juicy AF life.

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