Impact Medicine

Meghan Walker

The way medical practitioners are taught to deliver health and build their practice is built on erroneous assumptions—ones that stem from a system only designed to react to illness. The result of training in this system has left many practitioners struggling to make ends meet and feeling dissatisfied.

A future that proactively builds health, rather than simply treating sickness, requires an entirely different model. Meghan Walker offers that alternative model in Impact Medicine, a six-step roadmap for clinical entrepreneurs who simply want to help more people, take control of their practice, and add harmony to their life.

By leveraging the entrepreneur’s mindset for better patient outcomes, Walker’s model for disseminating care and building health globally benefits both the practitioner and the patient. The practitioner benefits from the financial freedom and flexibility the model provides, while the patient enjoys improved healthcare.

Are you ready to start practicing impact medicine?

Press & Praise

Dr. Michelle Peris, ND, creator of the Wild Collective

Dr. Meghan Walker is a true visionary, offering viable solutions for busy practitioners looking for more impact while becoming aligned and profitable. If you are looking to have more impact, legendary leadership, and to practice efficiency, then this book is for you. One of the best investments I made for my business was aligning myself with Meghan and her brilliance.

Alan Christianson, NMD, board-certified naturopathic endocrinologist and New York Times bestselling author of The Thyroid Reset Diet

If you are a medical practitioner, you probably feel like you could be doing more. You may feel frustrated with the economics of healthcare and the fact that you can only help so many patients in a day. Impact Medicine by Dr. Meghan Walker may be your pathway to greater fulfillment. Dr. Walker can help you to reach more people through books, online content, and social media. I've personally seen her achieve this in her own life and help others as well.

Dr. Jordan Robertson, ND, CEO of the Confident Clinician and Clarity Health Network

Meghan is the innovator and disrupter that medicine has been desperate for. Our system of burnt-out practitioners and uninspired patients has been landlocked in a broken model of one-to-one care and patchwork health. Impact is the system we need and the inspiration we crave.

Dr. Meghan Walker ND (inactive) is an entrepologist (on-tre-polo-gist) and recovering naturopathic doctor who is obsessed with the intersection between health, high performance, and entrepreneurship. She works with clinician entrepreneurs and business owners in the health and wellness space to help them create the impact and income that aligns with their purpose. She is a podcast host, mother, and entrepreneur who creates programs and builds businesses that align with her core belief: that when people have their health, they can change the world. Meghan lends innovative thinking, disruptive approaches, and unwavering support to those who are on a mission to leave the world better than they found it.

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