I’m Still Not Done

Patti Temple Rocks

There is one form of discrimination—one “ism”—that every single one us will face some day: ageism. And it is especially prevalent in the workplace.

Regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, religion, or any other marker, thesimple truth is that we all get older. But there is another truth, far more nuanced: we are very likely to face ageism at work. Ageism is real. It is widespread and insidious, and far too often it’s largely hidden due to the low rate of reporting by those who are pushed out of their jobs when they reach a certain age. With the largest demographic America has ever seen—baby boomers—now experiencing age discrimination at work, it’s time to talk about this practice, which is deeply hurtful and bad for business.

In I’m Still Not Done, Patti Temple Rocks provides an unflinchingly honest and insightful picture of what ageism in the workplace looks and feels like and how business leaders can get on the right side of addressing and eradicating it. Patti’s story, and the stories of people like her, create a powerful declaration and a movement to stop this insidious form of workplace discrimination in its tracks.

Press & Praise

Melissa Skoog, Founder of theJuggl

To achieve true equity for women in the workplace (and the world, for that matter) we need to address our entire selves. Patti Temple Rocks does a terrific job of reminding us that we will all get older, and that doesn't mean we want to give up our right and opportunity to be vibrant and contribute in the workplace. And most importantly, no one should ever be forced to feel diminished simply because they keep having birthdays. This is a great and important read.

Ashton Applewhite, author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism

Patti Temple Rocks refuses to shut up about ageism—thank goodness! Older workers are key source of talent in a tight labor market, and longer careers are integral to the economy of the future. Yet age bias in the workplace persists. Solidly researched and refreshingly candid, Not Done Yet is a must-read for anyone who wants to tap into the social and economic capital of millions more healthy adults than ever before in human history—not to mention the many demonstrable benefits of an age-diverse workforce.

Gary Rayneau, Co-Founder of Project 23 and Director of Coaches of Colour

Unfortunately, ageism in the workplace is not a uniquely American problem, and frighteningly, it's so often normalized in the way organizations operate. Every day I help companies create a more inclusive and equitable culture through a wide intersectional lens; reading Patti's book reminded me that true equity must include consideration of age bias. Patti joined me for a panel discussion about the topic in the UK, which, like her book, was provocative, enlightening, and ultimately helpful.

Over the course of an impressive four-decade career, Patti Temple Rocks has held senior leadership positions in three different sectors of the communications industry:  PR, advertising, and corporate client side. She is an inspirational leader, builder of teams, creative thinker, problem-solver, and agent of change.

Patti is passionate about discussing and fighting age discrimination and helping people understand how ageism stunts business growth and reflects poorly on our society. She is a public speaker and consults with businesses that wish to change for the better. To learn more about ageism and get in touch with Patti, visit imnotdone.rocks.

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