How to Raise Great Kids in a Generation of Assholes

Liz Parkinson

Let’s face it. The world today has a problem: many of our wonderful, adorable, brilliant children are growing up to be assholes. Between struggling with political correctness and dealing with Snapchat, even well-intentioned parents are inadvertently raising insufferable monsters. But there is hope for a new generation that is at least mostly tolerable–and Liz Parkinson is here to show even the most desperate parents how to make sure their kid doesn’t become a jerk.

In How to Raise Great Kids in a Generation of Assholes, Liz draws on hard-earned lessons and cringe-worthy mistakes from being a mother of three to walk parents and parents-to-be through one of the most important jobs in the world. With hilarious stories, invaluable advice, and some help from her husband, she addresses how to turn bad behavior into teachable moments, how to avoid the “supermom” and “helicopter parent” traps, how to keep it real when dealing with tough topics, and more.

Even in this rapidly changing world, it’s possible to both maintain your sanity and raise respectable children–or at least get them to be an asshole only 5% of the time–with a lot of patience, effort, and love.

Liz Parkinson

Liz Parkinson is the mother of three great kids, who light up her life and test her character on a daily basis, and author of the Ronnie Rhino children’s books, an Amazon best seller.

She and her husband, Aaron, currently own an online nutrition and fitness support program that guides its 500,000-plus members in making one small change a day. Prior to being a fitness coach, Liz owned a wedding floral business, managed several restaurants, and was a nightclub bartender.

Her goal in parenting is to raise children who as adults don’t take thirty years to recover from their childhood and blame her as the reason they turned out to be total assholes.

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