How to Become a World-Class Investigator

Julie Clegg

The era of the lone wolf private eye is over. Julie Clegg’s essential guide to twenty-first century investigations illuminates a bold new path to success in this exciting and rewarding field while effectively debunking the culture of secrecy that has always pervaded the industry.

Few careers offer the challenges of investigative work and fewer still afford the opportunity to make a real difference. But in the information age, working solo in the dark not only hinders investigation, but threatens the entire industry. Collaboration is the key, and How to Become a World-Class Investigator provides the insights and instruction you need to:

  • Build a collaborative global network
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • Build your brand
  • Find a mentor
  • Do more of the work you are passionate about

Whether your goal is exposing corruption, preventing human trafficking, or combating terrorism, How to Become a World-Class Investigator can help you change the world.

Julie Clegg

Julie Clegg is a licensed investigator with more than twenty years of experience in law enforcement and professional investigations. She is an intelligence expert on the UK reality TV series Hunted and Celebrity Hunted, and has taught investigative skills and procedures in more than twenty countries. Julie is founder and CEO of Human-i Intelligence Services, Inc., and the creator of the World-class Investigator suite of products and services, both of which provide collaboration and mentorship services for professional investigators. She volunteers as an ambassador for Embrace UK, a non-profit that provides support for young victims of serious crime and their families. You can find more information about the World-Class Investigator community at

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