How Not To Get Screwed By Your Lawyer

Daniela R Liscio

Many business owners dread hiring their next lawyer, and for good reason. All too often, companies pay thousands of dollars only to be treated like second-class citizens, confused and frustrated by the very person who’s supposed to be on their side.

No more.

How Not To Get Screwed By Your Lawyer shows you how to manage your attorney to get everything you need:

  • Make sure your lawyer treats you like a champion, not a chump
  • Use your business skills to keep more dollars in your own pocket
  • Improve communication channels to create synergy and dispel tension
  • Discover negotiating opportunities you’ve been leaving on the table
  • Help your lawyer help you—for a happier lawyer-client relationship, no matter what the legal outcome

Written by a former lawyer who heard far too many horror stories, How Not To Get Screwed By Your Lawyer guides you step-by-step through an easy process to completely transform your attorney-client relationship.

Daniela Liscio is a lawyer, but she asks that you not hold that against her. After practicing corporate law for twelve years between her hometown of Toronto and New York City, she moved to the Ozark Mountains to begin her entrepreneurial journey. She holds degrees in economics, law, and business. How Not To Get Screwed By Your Lawyer is her first book. Connect with her at –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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