Hired to Quit, Inspired to Stay

Craig Handley

Being an entrepreneur, building a company, and turning a profit isn’t easy. Most businesses will go through highs and lows, and many won’t survive the tough times. To make it through and turn your business around, you need to create a culture of awesomeness. I’m proud that I’ve structured my company, ListenTrust, with a culture that honors personal values, giving back, and allowing everyone to pursue their own dreams. With this book, I can help you do the same. In Hired to Quit, Inspired to Stay, I draw upon the trials I’ve faced to encourage other leaders to create their own ideal enterprises. With valuable lessons and indispensable advice, I’ll show you not only how to establish a culture that inspires employees and customers, but how to survive—and enjoy—the bumpy business ride.Learn the way to build a company that fulfills your heart’s purpose so you can live your dreams—and take others along with you.

Craig Handley

Craig Handley has never been afraid of clowns. He likes clowns. Craig will tell you that he is handsome, humble, and smart, and people generally agree that “Yes, he is a smart guy” and “No, winning second place in the beauty contest in Monopoly does not make you handsome.”

He is an entrepreneur, which means so many things. He has done some speaking, some teaching, and mentoring. He is a philanthropist, having given away close to $1 million in the last seven years.

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