Healthy Dad Sick Dad

Glen N. Robison

Are you living toward a healthy retirement?

Far too many people retire needing to take five to twenty medications a day for health conditions that could easily have been prevented. They retire to their recliner and don’t take full advantage of the opportunities that retirement offers because they’re dependent upon oxygen from the oxygen tank or because they’re just too stiff and sore to get out and enjoy life.

It doesn’t have to be that way—in nature, when things are in balance, there is no disease!

In Healthy Dad, Sick Dad, Dr. Glen N. Robison shares his personal journey with two very similar fathers who ended up in drastically different retirements. Determined to understand why, Dr. Robison studied his healthy father’s lifestyle and emulated it for fifteen years, with dramatic improvements to his own health.

Now, he shares the secrets of living toward a long, healthy life.

Start living today for your greatest asset—YOU—and look forward to a retirement you’ll love.

Press & Praise

Carleton Oats, retired NFL player, Super Bowl II

"I have known Dr. Robison for over fifteen years and consider him a tremendous asset to his profession. He takes pride in his work, listens to his patients, and after careful review of the symptoms, he meticulously treats the case. We have developed an invaluable friendship and no health issue that arises is too small for him to generate his sincere attention. I will forever have a deep sense of gratitude for the many ways in which he has enriched the quality of my life."

Carmen Slough, 107 years old (who was still driving at the age of 105)

"Dr. Robison has always been compassionate and respectful above and beyond the normal. When I was 104 years old, he cured my leg from a brown recluse spider bite when the other doctors could not heal it. I was so thankful to be able to continue working in my garden."

Dr. Ron Nelson, former Superintendent of Globe Unified School District

"Dr. Robison is an outstanding fellow. He is intelligent, kind, and compassionate for those he treats as a doctor and for those he works with. I worked with him when he was a member of our school board, contributing his time and talents to building a stronger community and upgrading the students' opportunities in our school to a higher level of learning."

Dr. Glen N. Robison Diplomate of the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry Board Certified in Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Robison is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and certified Myopractor, trained in releasing deep restrictions of motion in the body that resides at the root of our symptoms and ailments.

Having applied the principles found in this book for over fifteen years, he has expanded his practice to include dietary approaches that address everything from fungal infections to diabetes. Learn more at

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