Lori Jean Glass

Do you find yourself in the same, unfulfilling, destructive relationships time and again? Or do you know your relationship has potential, but you can’t seem to unlock it? If, like so many others, you find yourself stuck on a “crazy train” of secretive, addictive, and self-sabotaging behavior, it’s time to turn your life in a different direction. It’s time to experience true healing and relational freedom!

Lori Jean Glass’s personal experiences with childhood trauma inspired her to develop the PIVOT Process, a powerful method for identifying and overcoming the root causes of attachment problems. In #HealthyAdult, Lori Jean provides insight and tools for addressing the psychological issues that are sabotaging your relationships. With her expert guidance, you’ll create new, more positive behaviors and stop making decisions that harm you and the people you love.

At last, you can get off that crazy train, onto a connected highway, and find your way to a healthier, happier you.

Press & Praise

Richard Lipfield, MA, MFT

"Lori Jean has had the courage to go deep within herself to heal her emotional wounds. She is a healer, ready to share the journey to a healthy adult with those who want it. Follow her path!"

E. Hitchcock Scott, PhD, trauma and addiction services for 34 years

"Lori Jean Glass has a deep understanding of the multiplicities and complexities of human systems, trauma, and compulsivity. Lori Jean has woven a beautiful recovery tapestry out of the disparate threads and models of treatment theories. Lori Jean has integrated various theoretical models effectively into a foundational springboard. It is from this springboard that we are able to dive safely into the deep end of the joys and rewards of intimacy, with ourselves and our loved ones."

Rosemary O'Connor, founder, ROC Recovery Services; author, Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery, Hazelden

"I've had the privilege of witnessing the transformative work Lori Jean has provided thousands of people. The unique process she leads clients through creates radical change for lifelong happiness. Her dedication, commitment, and expert knowledge on the subject of healthy relationships surpass anything I've seen."

Lori Jean Glass

Lori Jean Glass is an educator, mentor, public speaker, and certified relationship, professional, and bereavement coach. She is the CEO and founder of PIVOT, a relational alignment group comprised of trained coaches and therapists certified in The PIVOT Process. Lori Jean’s personal experiences brought her to her current work, which focuses on those who struggle in their adult relationships based on attachment wounds of the past. She is also the CEO and founder of The Glass House, a residential setting offering workshops for individuals, couples, and families to take a deep dive into the PIVOT Process to get high impact solutions to achieve positive relational outcomes.

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