Healthcare Is Making Me Sick

Scott R. Heiser

Have you taken a backseat role when it comes to your healthcare and insurance decisions? Maybe you’re mad as hell about checking boxes you don’t understand and watching your premiums go up. Maybe you’re struggling to determine your personal risk and what plan is right for you. Maybe you feel the industry is a speaking different language—one you’ll never understand.

In Healthcare Is Making Me Sick, expert Scott Hesier takes what he’s learned in his twenty-plus years in the industry and teaches you to take back control of your healthcare. There’s no politics or hidden sponsorships here; Scott is dedicated to sharing what he knows and giving back in a way that not only improves lives, but improves the state of the industry about which he’s so passionate.

In this book, you’ll learn how the following:

  • How to understand yourself—and your risks—as a healthcare consumer;
  • What procedures and prescription drugs cost (and how to negotiate for the best rates);
  • How to maximize insurance coverage to fit your needs;
  • How to find and develop a relationship with the right provider;
  • What you need to consider when it comes to retirement;
  • And so much more!

Scott R. Heiser

Scott Heiser has over twenty years’ experience as a consultant for clients in the insurance and healthcare system. He is a founding board member and the senior vice president of Neace Lukens, the thirteenth largest employee benefit company in the country, and the president of BeneSolv, an administrative outsourcing and employee advocacy firm. Between the two entities, he’s managed over half a billion dollars in health benefits in the Midwest.

Scott knows the ins and outs of what can feel like the tricky world of healthcare and insurance. Today, he’s dedicated to sharing his knowledge to help educate and empower his readers. His goal is to improve lives. To continue the conversation, visit

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