Happiness Rules

Manuel Astruc

Success is the measure by which most entrepreneurs judge themselves. But success doesn’t guarantee happiness—especially if it leads to burnout.

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t exempt from burnout but are candidates for it. The high demand of running a thriving business can push even the most passionate person into a state of exhaustion and dissatisfaction. Unaddressed, burnout can have profound effects on your personal and professional life.

The happiness rules are Dr. Manuel Astruc’s solution. In Happiness Rules, he offers practices developed using his knowledge of the mind and our motivations as humans—all gathered from his decades of work as a psychiatrist. And these rules aren’t hypothetical; Manuel has used them himself to escape from the deepest reaches of burnout.

Happiness Rules teaches readers how to make happiness the engine to success—rather than the outcome—leading to more personal fulfillment as well as being more productive, energetic, and engaged at home and at work.

Press & Praise

Bryan Franklin, Master Coach, coauthor of The Last Safe Investment

This book is the rescue party for professional burnout. Dr. Astruc spells out plainly the core messages of the book: (1) you are not alone, (2) change is possible, and (3) if you read this book and take its contents seriously, there is hope. Nearly all of my clients—CEOs and founders of technology startups—have experienced or are currently experiencing signs of burnout, and I expect this to intensify as the business environment continues to get more competitive. I now have a resource to recommend to them and reference as they reprioritize lifetime effectiveness over short-term effort.

Brian Kurtz, Titans Marketing LLC, author of Overdeliver and The Advertising Solution

When a psychiatrist writes a book that addresses many of the problems he's seen through his own practice, it's important to pay attention. It's even more important to pay attention when that psychiatrist has experienced many of those problems himself. That's the story behind Manuel Astruc's Happiness Rules. Manuel is a worthy messenger on this topic. He is a physician who healed himself in order to heal others. The book is a guide through what he calls the 'burnout continuum,' and it is based on his own arduous journey from despair to happiness. He takes you through his rules for happiness one by one. And since Manuel has lived through the gauntlet of addiction, depression, loss, and burnout himself—as a trained psychiatrist and a thinking, caring human being—he combines science with a deep emotional connection to this topic. Whether you consider yourself happy or not, the rules in this book are worth following.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy, organizational psychologist, author of Be Your Future Self Now, Willpower Doesn't Work, and Personality Isn't Permanent, coauthor of Who Not How and The Gap and the Gain

Burnout has almost become an accepted occupational hazard for entrepreneurs. In this book, Manuel Astruc, MD, points out that burnout can ruin your career, your relationships, and even your health. As a practicing psychiatrist, he experienced burnout and figured out how to overcome it, and his happiness rules are the road map he developed to beat burnout. The happiness rules are also nicely aligned with psychological research on how to flourish.

Manuel Astruc is the founder of Your Next Act, a coaching program to help high-achieving entrepreneurs find the mental strength to not just survive their ventures but to thrive. When he personally experienced the effects of consciously choosing to embrace happiness in his daily life, he knew he needed to share the knowledge with others.

In addition to his role as the medical director of Saratoga County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services, Manuel works at his general psychiatry practice to help individuals explore and treat biological roadblocks to success, including ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and addictions.

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