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If you don’t fix your security vulnerabilities, attackers will exploit them. It’s simply a matter of who finds them first. If you fail to prove that your software is secure, your sales are at risk too.

Whether you’re a technology executive, developer, or security professional, you are responsible for securing your application. However, you may be uncertain about what works, what doesn’t, how hackers exploit applications, or how much to spend. Or maybe you think you do know, but don’t realize what you’re doing wrong.

To defend against attackers, you must think like them. As a leader of ethical hackers, Ted Harrington helps the world’s foremost companies secure their technology. Hackable teaches you exactly how. You’ll learn how to eradicate security vulnerabilities, establish a threat model, and build security into the development process. You’ll build better, more secure products. You’ll gain a competitive edge, earn trust, and win sales.

Press & Praise

Ben Stanbury, Worldwide Head of Technology, Amazon Studios

"I've always slept easy knowing that Ted and his company were on my team. They've helped me solve more security problems than I can count and have been some of my most trusted advisers for a long time. They can help you too."

Todd Prives, Product Manager, Google

"Hackable makes a powerful case for not only 'why' to secure your application, but also 'how.' The ideas in this book fit like a glove for me because Ted has been one of my most trusted advisers for many years."

Eli Mezei, Senior Security Engineer, Netflix

"Having worked closely with Ted and his team, I've witnessed firsthand the results in their approach. I've seen them discover unexpected but practical exploit scenarios and be great partners in helping to remediate them. I trust Ted; you should too."

Ted Harrington is the Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), the company of ethical hackers famous for hacking cars, medical devices, and password managers. He’s helped hundreds of companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Netflix fix tens of thousands of security vulnerabilities. Ted has been featured in more than one hundred media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Forbes. His team founded and organizes IoT Village, an event whose hacking contest has produced three DEF CON Black Badges.

To get help with security consulting and security assessments, or to book Ted to keynote your next event, visit tedharrington.com.

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