Guaranteed Analytics

Jim Rushton

Decision-makers can’t get enough from data. The problem is, most leaders only use data to reaffirm the obvious information—and their companies are suffering because of it. Executives interested in getting to scalable, insight-driven business decisions are not sure where to start. Who should lead such a program? Will it be worth the effort? The good news is that, yes, underneath that surface-level data lies a treasure trove of useful information, and with the right approach you can get to it. With business analytics, you can have the competitive advantage you’ve been missing.

In Guaranteed Analytics, Jim Rushton offers a prescriptive approach to implementing an analytics program that will help you move past the obvious about the “stars” and “dogs” of your business and dive into where the true money—and competitive advantage—lies. Jim delivers a prescriptive approach on the discipline of analytics for organizations and how it can be leveraged to monetize your data. This is a book about identifying the opportunity analytics present, building an insight-focused culture, and unlocking the stories behind the numbers. Guaranteed.

Press & Praise

Marci Armstrong, Ph.D., Brierly endowed professor of practice and marketing, director of Brierley Institute for Customer Engagement, Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University

"If data is now the currency of business, then data analytics is the new language of business. For those struggling to use the language of analytics as well as those already fluent, Guaranteed Analytics is a powerful must-read that lays out a roadmap for designing and implementing an analytics program to drive dramatically better business performance. Jim has successfully leveraged decades of working with companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 powerhouses, to lead us all to better data-driven decision making."

Vince Poscente, Olympian and NY Times bestselling author of The Age of Speed, Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World

"As an Olympian and entrepreneur, I'm hardwired to find a competitive advantage. The problem is, I camp out in my right brain where creative solutions are my strength--while data analytics are my Kryptonite. Meet Jim Rushton and his book Guaranteed Analytics. Jim simplifies the tools necessary for any business person to monetize data for bottom line results. His insights have made us money!"

Carter Forringer, global account director, eClerx

"Finding the order inside chaos is Jim's unique skill--honed from long standing curiosity, matched with many years of exacting work on real-world data challenges. Jim is a master at letting the data tell the story, while at the same time drawing out that story through deep analysis and hypothesis generation. Whether it's Retail, Telecoms, eCommerce or Tech, Jim's structured approach works. If there's a nugget in there, Jim will find it."

Jim Rushton

Jim Rushton began his career in analytics working with some of the biggest consulting companies in the world, including Accenture, Deloitte Consulting, and IBM Global Services. Jim then moved to an executive position with Verizon, where he oversaw the company’s customer and marketing information. Leveraging his experience across corporate America, he helped found Armeta Analytics, and in the past decade, his team has helped dozens of Fortune 1000 companies learn how to monetize their data. In his spare time, Jim likes to spend time outdoors collecting rocks for a hand-built stone chapel, eating Texas’ famous smoked brisket, and watching the sunset.

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