Scott A. Martin

If you want rapid, healthy, and sustainable growth for your business, there’s no shortcut. Hacks and tactics promising 10x growth might yield short-term results but won’t provide long-term gains. It’s time to rethink chasing “hactics” and shift your growth mindset to unlock the hidden potential within your business that can quickly generate ongoing waves of profitability.

Scott Martin calls this Groundswelling—galvanizing the hearts and minds of your audience to create buy-in, momentum, and untold power to grow your business.

In this book, Scott walks through the four steps to creating a groundswell: building your plan, giving value without expectation, growing your marketing ecosystem, and transforming your customers into advocates. You’ll have clarity on your purpose and finally be free to control your spending and growth without relying on paid advertising or gimmicks.

With patience and a focus on building relationships, you can unleash the exponential impact of building your Groundswell on your bottom line and the soul of your business.

Press & Praise

Susan Casey, author of The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean

Scott Martin has thought long and hard about why waves are so important in the order of things. He understands the power of their energy and how that energy can be harnessed. As any surfer or sailor will tell you, it's more fun to ride a wave than to be rolled by one, and Martin understands that, too.

Scott A. Martin has spent twenty-five years working in all types of marketing as both an agency owner and strategist to national brands and entrepreneurs. He’s built a reputation for striking a balance between leading-edge marketing innovation and traditional approaches to deliver sensible, informed, and forward-thinking decisions. As the host of The Groundswell Podcast, Scott interviews the industry’s top minds to learn how entrepreneurs and marketers can build sustainable programs that positively impact the world. As a community builder, Scott also develops content and followings around his passions: surfing, surf art, and heliskiing. To connect with Scott, visit and

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