God’s Not Done with You

Mary Guirovich

You’ve been working hard for months or even years on end, waiting for your boss to promote you. Yet, no matter how hard you work, all you seem to earn is more hard work and an occasional pat on the back. Now, you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, underappreciated, and insecure. Am I good enough? Am I capable? Is this what God wants for my life?

Through God’s Not Done with You, you’ll learn how to understand work as worship, deepen your relationship with Christ, and find peace and abundance at work—with the full recognition you deserve.

Despite the fact that women are underrepresented, filling less than one-fourth of the C-suite, God’s Not Done with You helps women at all levels take control of their careers. Harness your God-given potential as you learn how to create your own promotion plan, get noticed, and get promoted into the future that God has planned for you.

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Brooke Owen, Career Development Assistant and Mentoring Program Coordinator at Pennsylvania State University

God's Not Done with You is such a refreshing and inspiring read. I loved Mary's style of writing—so relatable—and, wow, so many examples of exactly what I have personally experienced. The process of creating one's plan can seem daunting, but she walks us through and provides encouragement, expertise, and some help via God's presence to realize I CAN do this! It's through your guidance that we (women) are able to recognize our purest form and potential. This is the book you will be telling your girlfriends to read next.

Daphne Valcin, corporate trainer and coach

In God's Not Done with You, Mary Guirovich has been able to eloquently, thoughtfully, and powerfully bring together a wonderful mix of research-driven strategies that will not only position women for advancement professionally but that also lay out a blueprint for thriving personally and spiritually. I truly believe she has found a winning recipe to help women create the life that God is calling them to live, both personally and professionally, through stories and guidance that capture the reader's heart and mind in a phenomenal way!

Nicole Andrews, Founder and CEO of Nicole Andrews International Career Coaching and Speaking

If you're a woman of faith who wants to take the next step in your career and live your life in abundance, you need God's Not Done with You. Mary powerfully shares how you can reach your God-given potential in your career without sacrificing your faith in the process. Mary's story is truly inspiring and will have you experiencing more divine joy, peace, and fulfillment in your career in no time.

Mary E. Guirovich is the CEO and founder of My Promotion Plan (MPP), a company that empowers women to unlock their innate leadership potential and advance in their careers holistically. The MPP process has an 83 percent customer success rate across the country, helping members advance in their careers without waiting for their bosses to approach them. When Mary was floundering to earn a promotion she desperately wanted, God told her to make a plan. The day after she turned in her promotion plan, she was appointed Vice President of Operations. Mary was soon named Chief Operating Officer and then a partner. She made the climb from a front-office position in only six years-with no prior experience in the industry. In God’s Not Done with You, Mary combines Biblical principles, science, energy work, and career advancement strategies to help women gain confidence, fulfilling careers, and abundance.

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