Go Glocal

Craig Maginness

Taking your business into a foreign market can be risky. If a company wants to hit it big internationally, they need to think globally and act locally. As global operations strategist Craig Maginness says, go “glocal.”

In Go Glocal, Craig lays out the framework businesses need to succeed when entering a foreign market, explaining why it’s important to be proactive when deciding where to take your company. Craig breaks down how to prepare your organization for success in a new country, discussing critical issues including whether your value proposition will translate to a new cultural context, why relationships are more important than contracts and how to establish and nurture profitable ones, and what vehicle for going international might work best for your business.

If you want the risk of entering a foreign market to pay off and your business to flourish, go glocal.

Craig Maginness

Craig Maginness has worked for the past decade as the managing member of ExIn Global Strategies, which advises businesses looking to grow into new markets. Craig spent much of his career at a Fortune 1000 company, overseeing international operations, directing sales and marketing, and serving as president of two of the company’s foreign subsidiaries. An adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales University, he also served as president and chairman of the World Trade Center Denver, where he has trained entrepreneurs, company executives, and trade support specialists to be more successful international business people. In 2013, he was named “International Trade Educator of the Year” by NASBITE International.

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