Getting to Aha!

Darshan Mehta

The amount of information and analytics provided by today’s digital and social media is overwhelming. To make sense of it all, companies must gain insights: knowledge of what consumers think and feel and what motivates them.

In Getting to Aha!Darshan Mehta explores the nature of insights: what they are, how to uncover them, and how to use them to drive innovation and audience engagement. He surveys the trends driving modern consumers’ behaviors and discusses how technology is shaping the way buyers interact with brands and directly impact their performance. He also shares the steps brands can take to access and leverage the knowledge gained from external and internal audiences alike.

Whether you’re a CMO, a brand manager, or an entrepreneur, this book contains theoretical wisdom and practical tips that are ready to be put to use today in order to give your business the competitive edge it needs.

In 1998, Darshan Mehta pioneered online focus groups and surveys and founded iResearch, an online insights platform that enables companies to quickly, easily, and affordably extract consumer and employee insights worldwide. He draws upon more than twenty years of marketing strategy experience to help business leaders understand and leverage changing consumer preferences.

In addition to his role at iResearch, Mehta is an adjunct professor at universities in Thailand, Sweden, France, and the United States. Through his work, Mehta has traveled to more than eighty countries and been recognized in publications such as Forbes, Inc., the Journal of Advertising Research, Quirk’s, and

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