Get Away!

David Axelrod

Planning a trip doesn’t have to be hard, and taking that trip doesn’t have to be stressful. Regardless of work commitments, family obligations, or finances, your travel dreams can become realities. Get Away! provides the confidence and step-by-step guidance you need to design a transformative travel experience, perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Let expert world traveler David Axelrod equip you with the essential tools, checklists, and mindset to choose your destination with purpose, craft an airtight itinerary, book your flights with finesse, and kick pre-trip anxiety to the airport curb. Learn how to maximize your travel time and savor all the wonders you set out in search of and more. Return home invigorated, with clarity, perspective, and enduring memories.

Don’t waste any more time planning a trip that doesn’t pan out or postponing taking one at all. Get Away! is your ultimate ticket to the world. Read it, and any travel experience you desire can be yours.

Press & Praise

Roger Dow, President & CEO of US Travel Association

Get Away! should be essential reading for anyone who is eager to travel but feels trapped in a routine or overwhelmed about how to pull it off. Axelrod demystifies trip-planning, turning it from a chore into a pleasure. Designing a getaway with his guidance will lead to greater freedom, creativity, and contentment.

Casey Hanisko, President of Adventure Travel Trade Association

Get Away! is the definitive trip planning guide for the modern traveler. Axelrod teaches readers insider tips that experienced travelers know but have never written down. Learn how to design a trip on your terms so travel becomes an integral component of a fulfilling life.

John Saul, New York Times bestselling author

David Axelrod offers a unique perspective for travel in his new book, Get Away!. As a young man, David did a deep dive into his own personality and needs and took off around the world. His book helps you look at motivation, fear, anxiety, and lust for travel. Whether you're a planner or more spontaneous traveler, Get Away! offers a way to get the most out of your trips. A very competent writer, Axelrod takes you along on some of his trips, sharing some of both his mistakes and rewards. As we all look forward to traveling soon, we encourage you to read Axelrod's book or plan to hire a competent, savvy, and expensive Travel Agent.

David Axelrod is a seven-continent explorer and professional globonaut whose lifelong travel obsession has taken him to over fifty countries. Regularly featured by travel and hospitality brands such as AFAR, Fodor’s, Exclusive Resorts, Matador Network, and Relais & Châteaux, he published his debut essay collection in 2014.

David fuses art and travel as an internationally collected fine art travel photographer and Creative Director of 2STRAWS Print Shop. A sought-after travel consultant, speaker, and leisure champion, he helps freedom-seekers design their ideal trip at When he’s not planning getaways, he’s making smoothie bowls and frolicking with his bernedoodle in Seattle.

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