Future Ready

Nick Davis

Every day, legacy business models and traditional best practices are transforming around us, driven by technologies like AI, blockchain, 5G, and quantum computing that are radically altering our future vision. As a leader and innovator, you’re facing an accelerating pace of change that makes it more difficult than ever to navigate the murky future ahead. You need to cut through the noise and hype, but without a playbook to guide you, it’s difficult to know where to start.

In Future Ready, Nick Davis shares the actual frameworks Singularity University uses with clients, along with case studies detailing how those enterprises have applied these strategies to leap ahead and stay there. More than half of the Fortune 500 have chosen Singularity University to develop their future vision and strategies. SU has developed a full range of tools, programs, and methodologies to help leaders and decision-makers build future-ready organizations. With this book, you will learn how to create your organization’s future exponential vision and strategy, develop the leaders of tomorrow, and build future customer value using cutting-edge technologies.

Press & Praise

Peter H. Diamandis, MD, Executive Founder, Singularity University; New York Times bestselling author of Abundance, BOLD, and The Future is Faster Than You Think

"The pace of exponential change will create both tremendous disruptions and opportunities. In Future Ready, Nick Davis offers changemakers examples and frameworks on surviving and thriving in the decade ahead."

Kelly Bean, Professor of Practice, Senior Associate Dean, Charles F. Knight Distinguished Director of Executive Education at Olin Business School at Washington University

"Here is a book for the changemakers in the world--those who aren't merely interested in what's ahead, but who step forward and help to create a better future for all."

Thomas Frey, Futurist

"Most of the business models and practices used to build the legendary brands of the past will lead to failure in today's era of exponential change. Nick Davis' book provides a next-generation set of models and frameworks to develop entirely new strategies for future growth and success."

Nick Davis

Nick Davis is a Managing Partner at Reaching the Future Faster, Inc., and the prior VP of Enterprise Solutions and the current Faculty Chair for Corporate Innovation at Singularity University. Nick is a recognized thought leader in the innovation, strategy, and technology space who specializes in identifying exponential trends that enable organizations to deliver customer value through new and existing technology platforms. He is also a Venture Partner at Bold Capital, which invests in high-growth startups that leverage exponential technologies. He’s previously served as External Innovation Leader for PwC and the Director of Corporate Development for The Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

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