From Polio to Philanthropy

Richard Crocker

When Richard Crocker beat polio, the disease that almost killed him as a child, he discovered two truths. One, there wasn’t much left in life to fear. And two, there was an awful lot more left to live.

Hellbent on finding as much adventure and success as he could, Richard spent the next seventy years living life to the fullest. By fifteen, he had one of the largest paper routes in the region. By nineteen, he bought his first home. He went on to build his real estate development company into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

All by embracing his singular motto: Have no fear.

Follow Richard every step of the way as he worked hard, played hard, traveled the world, and met the love of his life. Learn about the deals he made, why he made them, and, ultimately, why he believes success isn’t just about making money—but knowing when to give it away.

Press & Praise

Byron Renfro, president of Orchard Commercial Inc.

Whether cycling across the US with Theresa, buying a piece of real estate, or working with businesses devastated by COVID, Richard's wisdom and compassion always guide him to the right decision.

Tracey Brophy Warson, retired CEO & Chair of Citi Private Bank

Richard is a very successful entrepreneur and savvy investor. He is always generous, fun, and warm-hearted and I feel very fortunate to count both Richard and Theresa as my dearest friends.

Gaye Ferrara, owner of Ferraras Interiors

Richard has a brilliant business mind, an ability to expand on his ideas, and support his well-chosen teams to do their best and successfully achieve their goals. Working with him is a deep pleasure.

A polio survivor at only eight years old, Richard Crocker was given a second chance at life. His journey from collecting soda bottles for pennies to developing subdivisions and commercial properties for millions will be a profound source of inspiration for anyone with an entrepreneurial dream.

Today, Richard’s philanthropic foundation supports charter schools, helping many young men and women become the first in their families to attend college. Richard and his wife, Theresa, feel strongly that students who imagine a better life for themselves will create a better world for us all.

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