From Like to Love

Keith Alper

Most companies know that winning customers is key. But many don’t realize that loyalty starts from the inside, with employees. To build a brand that truly motivates, they must take their employees from liking their jobs to loving them.

As CEO of CPG Agency (A Nitrous Effect agency), which specializes in corporate and employee engagement, Keith Alper has seen the competitive edge gained by creating a culture that turns employees into brand advocates. In From Like to Love, he draws on real-life examples to present his proven process for turning any organization from appreciated to adored, including:

  • Keeping a finger on the “pulse” of satisfaction
  • Creating an engaged workforce
  • Building open communication and trust
  • Creating a competitive advantage with love
  • And more

The smallest shift can make a huge difference, making team members happier, more able to create value, and likely to be retained longer, impacting your bottom line.

Keith Alper

Keith Alper has loved every job he’s had but never because of compensation-because of company cultures and the people he worked with. Believing that everyone should love what they do, he co-founded CPG Agency over thirty years ago, at the age of eighteen, and has never looked back. Since then, CPG Agency has expanded into The Nitrous Effect, a seven-agency collective specializing in branding, marketing, events, technology, culture, and engagement. The Nitrous Effect serves many fast-growing start-ups, and Fortune 500 clients, including Southwest Airlines, Carnival Cruise Line, Bridgestone, Ulta Beauty, Goddard Schools, and Virgin Hotels.

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