From C-Student to the C-Suite

Tami Holzman

If I can succeed in business, so can you!

Building real and meaningful connections has been a key component of Tami Holzman’s path to becoming an empowered boardroom broad. From her journey as a mid-level student to a prosperous business executive, Tami knows, first hand, the road to success is paved with future BFFs and the occasional douchebag. By sharing her own failures, achievements, and hilarious stories, she dives face first into the truths and taboos that dictate modern-day business behavior.

Everyone you work with, see on TV or read about in headlines has insecurities, so the sooner you recognize people for who they truly are, the better you can relate, the stronger your relationships will be, the more fun you will have and the sooner you will prosper.

Whether you are just starting out or are a CEO, this book is for you. Holzman’s no bullsh*t, non-PC approach to relationship building is guaranteed to make you laugh.

The ultimate business relationships handbook and irreverent guide to being yourself and tapping into your Emotional Intelligence, From C-Student to the C-Suite delivers!

Tami Holzman

Tami Holzman loves to make people happy—whether that means giving a confidence boost, an introduction to that person they just can’t seem to get to, or strategic counseling on a not yet fully baked idea. She is passionate about helping people succeed.

Tami was born and raised in Chatsworth, California and was always a “C” student, which really bothered her, but not enough to actually study—she was busy honing her social skills at the mall. Tami found humor was the way to compensate for her insecurities and, years later, it was her humor and self-reliance that helped her achieve professional success.

From C-Student to the C-Suite is a modern-day guide to business and relationships—showing how a girl with straight C’s in school but straight A’s in emotional intelligence became savvy in the cutthroat business world.

Tami began her career in the entertainment industry as a Talent Agent, Show Creator and Executive Producer, with development deals at NBC, HBO and the Fox network. She segued into a successful career in marketing services for Fortune 500 companies.

Today, she is an Angel Investor, Limited Partner @ Hologen Ventures, Advisor, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Brand Ambassador. Tami loves to mentor and promote opportunities for women.

Tami lives in Pacific Palisades, overlooking the Pacific ocean where you can find her hosting friends while saluting the sun with a cocktail in hand and an ever-present smile on her face.

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