Freedom Street

Scott Danner

In the land of finance, discipline equals freedom.

As a financial advisor, you know this better than anyone else. To your clients and community, you offer expertise, which enables them to achieve their goals and become financially independent. But what about your goals and independence? More importantly, what about your happiness?

Maybe you have heavy decisions to make about selling or merging. Maybe you’re considering retirement. There are a variety of factors that could make your future feel uncertain—but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fulfilling. In Freedom Street, financial advisor and CEO Scott Danner shares lessons learned and insights gained from nearly two decades of managing assets, purchasing financial practices, and creating succession plans to ensure a future that is both prosperous and rewarding. With nearly fifty advisors in seven states, Scott’s practice manages more than $2 billion in assets. He knows what it takes to effectively balance your goals to serve your clients, make an impact in your community, and make your next chapter count. Sometimes even advisors need a guide. Learn what Scott did to create a rich life now, live his legacy today, and own the future of his dreams.

Press & Praise

Jodi Perry, President/Independent Contractor Division at Raymond James Financial Services

Scott isn't just someone who talks about it, he's done it. This makes the power of Freedom Street's message so much stronger. Read this for a guide to the next chapter.

Cameron Herold, Founder of COO Alliance, Author of Meetings Suck

Financial advisors create vivid visions for clients every day. This is the financial advisor's chance to create their own.

Chad Rushing, Financial Advisor at Raymond James Financial Services

Freedom Street is a proven path to success in business but, most of all, in life. I'm living proof!

Scott Danner is the CEO of Freedom Street Partners, a practice that supports financial advisors in their next career step and helps them explore all available paths to secure a fulfilling future. After fifteen years practicing on an employee platform, Scott founded Freedom Street and took it from $0 to $2 billion in assets under management in just five years. Scott is the co-founder of the Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival and enjoys traveling the country with his wife to watch their two sons play soccer.

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