Forget the Funnel

Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop

Your product is great. So why is marketing it so hard?

Many SaaS companies struggle with marketing. Teams try everything they can to drive more traffic, leads, and signups. Yet revenue growth remains…lumpy. Slow. Frustratingly inconsistent.

If this sounds familiar, the problem isn’t you or your ideas; it’s that you’re guessing at what resonates with your target customers. In Forget the FunnelGeorgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop share the Customer-Led Growth Framework they’ve developed to help companies of all sizes solve their product marketing struggles and hit ambitious targets. This framework helps you get inside your customers’ heads, map and measure your customers’ experience, and uncover which tactics will actually move the needle for your company.

It’s time to stop guessing. Forget the Funnel is your guide for thinking more strategically about marketing your product and making a meaningful impact on revenue growth.

Press & Praise

Rand Fishkin, Founder at SparkToro

My team paid tens of thousands of dollars to work with Claire and Gia, and we earned every dollar back tenfold. This book shows exactly how they did it and how you can too.

Lenny Ratchitsky, writer, investor, and product advisor

Taking a customer-focused approach to growth sounds like common sense, but there aren't many resources that actually unpack the process of how to do it. Forget The Funnel gives leaders a practical, step-by-step guide to building an impactful growth strategy and connecting the dots between strategy and daily work. It also includes dozens of real-life case studies, examples, and concrete ideas you can move on in the same day. A very high ROI book.

Jane Portman, Co-Founder at Userlist and Founder at UI Breakfast

Marketing for SaaS products is a special beast. Sometimes you feel like banging your head against the wall, because traditional 'channels' and 'funnels' don't work. Gia and Claire teach you how to unlock customer insights and how exactly to apply them in your marketing (exercises and examples included). This book is chicken soup for a SaaS marketer's soul.

Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop co-founded Forget the Funnel, a consultancy that helps SaaS teams reach and retain high lifetime value customers.

Georgiana is a strategic advisor and speaker who’s passionate about turning customer value into revenue-generating outcomes. Marketing online since 2000, she began her track record as a marketing executive and product growth advisor in 2010, working with high-growth recurring-revenue startups.

Since 2014, Claire has helped SaaS companies grow to multiple millions in ARR by leveraging customer insights to fuel marketing and growth programs. She’s spoken internationally about the impact of taking a customer-led approach, delivering presentations and training to audiences of founders, VC-backed teams, and enterprise executives.

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