Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle

Curt Mercadante

Do you go through life experiencing a permanent case of the blahs, or struggle with the constant feeling you’re destined for more—only you don’t know what that “more” is?

Or perhaps you feel stuck in a job that is less than fulfilling and doesn’t allow you to fully invest in your relationships and your self-care?

If so, international coach and speaker Curt Mercadante wrote this book for you.

In The Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle, Curt lays out the reasons so many individuals are trapped in what Henry David Thoreau called a life of “quiet desperation” and provides the antidote in the form of the five pillars of the freedom lifestyle. You’ll learn how to design your lifestyle, make better career decisions, level up your relationships, and improve your mental and physical health by unleashing your superpowers, crafting a clear life vision, aligning your life, defining key outcomes every day, and living in a state of flow.

Curt Mercadante

Curt Mercadante is an international speaker, coach, trainer, and disruptive entrepreneur whose mission is to save the world by helping people fight for lives of freedom and fulfillment. Curt’s speeches and training empower individuals to live their Freedom Lifestyle, and he also hosts the popular Freedom Club Podcast. Raised in the Chicago area, he and his wife, Julie, now live in Charleston, South Carolina, with their four children, when they aren’t traveling the world. Curt is a diehard fan of the White Sox, a superhero nerd, and can frequently be found at his local boxing gym.

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