Fires, Floods, and Taxicabs

Jeffrey Roth

Working in the public sector can be tough.

You want to make a difference, but too often you find yourself trapped in a labyrinth of ridiculous and impossible obstacles, facing down the three-headed monster of government itself: policies, procedures, and regulations.

It’s enough to make anyone want to give up.

Now you don’t have to.

Fires, Floods, and Taxicabs: Taking a Bite Out of Big Apple Bureaucracy offers a complete kit of effective tools for your own projects, programs, and initiatives.

Jeff Roth has spent twelve years inside New York City government, facing setbacks, slowdowns, and outright knockouts. Now he shares the tricks and methods he has developed to push back against bureaucracy and make a difference.

Strong government depends on dedicated stewards who can earn the public’s trust and make sound decisions for the people they serve. Recharge your passion with Fires, Floods, and Taxicabs, and discover the triumph of making real change happen.

Press & Praise

Carole Post, Administrator for Development and Economic Opportunity, City of Tampa; former New York City Commissioner and Director of Agency Services for New York City Mayor's Office of Operations

"Fires, Floods, and Taxicabs is an insider's story about how to get things done in a complex and bureaucratic environment. Jeff's authentic experiences, successes, and lessons learned are a roadmap for anyone looking to have a bigger impact in their organization--and particularly in public service. This book will help more people make a difference in whatever they are tasked to do."

Brigadier General Loree Sutton, MD (US Army, retired); Founding Commissioner of the New York City Department of Veterans' Services

"A lifelong public servant, both in government and in the military, Jeff Roth has the rare gift of applying creativity, perspicacity, and sheer competence to figure out complex systems, human and otherwise, to craft sustainable solutions that work. Exceptionally poised under pressure, Jeff leverages his skills and experience to effectively lead people and build teams in both worlds. All of us can gain invaluable wisdom from the hard-won observations and insights he shares inside Fires, Floods, and Taxicabs. If there's one book on leadership to read right now, this is it!"

Moe Vela, two-time Senior White House Executive; entrepreneur; media commentator; author of the bestselling book Little Secret Big Dreams: Pink and Brown in the White House

"Jeff's in-depth knowledge of public service comes from his tireless contributions in his years of service in New York City government and in our military. He tells it like it is--an honorable and worthy calling with its own unique challenges. At times, it is frustrating and ruthless, but always rewarding in the end. And I know, having served in the White House--twice! Those committed to making a difference need tools. Jeff offers simple and proven strategies to help you focus, bust through bureaucratic hurdles, and get things done."

Throughout his career, Jeff Roth has worked on some of the most complex and challenging policy questions facing cities today. From flood mitigation and emergency management, to fire and life safety, to taxi regulation on the streets of New York, Jeff learned every day, in the arena of city government, how to get things done.

Jeff has also served in the US Army National Guard for twenty years, earning the rank of lieutenant colonel. He was activated to respond to Superstorm Sandy and for two deployments overseas. He holds a master’s degree in public policy and urban planning from Harvard University.

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