Find Your Financial Freedom

Logan Rankin

The conventional pathway to Financial Freedom used to be clear: invest in 401(k)s, pay off debt, and save. But what if you don’t want to work until you’re sixty-seven? What if you want to achieve your retirement goals now, rather than wait?

With the high rate of inflation today, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” no longer applies. To achieve Financial Freedom, we must challenge what we’ve learned about money. To make our own path, we must learn how to invest on our terms.

In Find Your Financial Freedom, entrepreneur Logan Rankin reveals how to become financially independent. A self-taught investor who found his niche in real estate, Logan knows that life becomes what you make it when you learn how money really works. He debunks common myths, provides a structure for managing money each month, and shows how to scale investments and achieve Financial Freedom. Wealth is gained by trading time or money. Which will it be for you? With strategies you can use with your kids, this is your first step in a new direction toward confidence, clarity, and a lifetime of wealth.

Press & Praise

Gino, multifamily real estate expert,

Logan Rankin has taken vast and complex information and made it easily digestible to anyone willing to learn. In Find Your Financial Freedom, he breaks down conventional thinking and builds up a new foundation that provides you with the tools you need to not only develop yourself, but to gain financial independence along the way.

Jim Oliver, CEO of CreateTailwind and host of the Breakaway Wealth podcast

Logan Rankin shows you proven truths on how to build wealth. His book, Find Your Financial Freedom, offers a simple way to take back control of your money and gain financial independence. It's a wiser approach to money and wealth building from someone who has done it.

Joe Fazio, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Commerce State Bank

Logan Rankin shatters the childhood advice most of us receive: "It's nobody's business how much money you have," or "It's nobody's business how much money you make." That bad advice leaves most of us wondering how others build wealth or how to make money work harder for us than most people work for it; we are afraid to talk about it or ask about it. Logan disrupts conventional thinking, and he willingly shares his experiences with you in this easy read.

Logan Rankin is an experienced and strategic entrepreneur who quickly achieved Financial Freedom after starting with nothing except personal drive and a desire to fulfill his potential. Having built two multimillion-dollar businesses and owning more than $150 million in real estate by thirty-four, Logan spent the first decade of his career working with a Fortune 50 corporation, leading retail operations. He formed a reputation for building high-performing teams, managing large P&L portfolios, and implementing strategic operational changes at the enterprise level. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife and two children.

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