Tim Kintz

Success. Relevance. Survival. The pandemic has changed everything about management in today’s business world. For the automotive industry and similar businesses that rely on in-person sales, digital players are now viable competitors in the market.

This moment is critical—for you, your team, and your business. You need new tools if you’re going to succeed. Fortunately, Tim Kintz is sharing his.

In Fearless, Tim shows you how to be a dynamic leader and become unbreakable. Learn how to innovate throughout challenges, soar above the competition, and keep your team one step ahead in certain—and uncertain—times. This follow-up to the Amazon bestseller, Frictionless, is your resource for learning how to manage with facts, not feelings, ensuring that profit and success are always the end result. Tim’s Leadership Quadrant provides you with four focus areas to promote strengths and identify weaknesses: leading people; managing sales activities; training for skills acquisition; coaching for career development. Whether you are a new leader or seasoned professional, this book will be your constant companion for navigating the world of management today.

Press & Praise

Ray Scozzari, Director of Training & Development, Denny Menholt Automotive Group

"Automotive industry expert, Tim Kintz, offers masterful insight on what it takes in today's market to be an effective leader in his new book Fearless. Our world changed in 2020. Tim shares exactly what you need to not just survive but thrive in this new digital age.
You will become a Fearless leader after reading this common sense book and putting it into practice."

Brian Kramer, General Manager, Germain Toyota of Naples

"In this time of endless distractions, it is so easy for a leader to get hijacked with nonessential tasks. Tim Kintz provides the clarity for you as a leader to work on the RIGHT things at the RIGHT time."

Joe Webb, President, DealerKnows

"I've been able to see firsthand accounts of Tim's training programs influencing middling dealerships to achieve significant results. From general managers to salespeople, Tim's guidance continues to have positive impacts on our clients. It is his grounded methodology that is helping dealers make the transition from analog to digital, all while maintaining the fundamental sales strategies that brought Tim notoriety in the first place."

Tim Kintz is the president of The Kintz Group, the automotive industry’s premier sales and management training company. Tim started The Kintz Group after re-entering the retail side of the business as a general manager and seeing the need for up-to-date training. A graduate of the NADA Dealer Academy, Tim has worked in just about every position in the dealership and can still be found on the showroom floor working deals alongside salespeople and managers. Tim has delivered hands-on coaching, workshops, and presentations in large cities and rural communities alike. His strategies are relevant and proven to work everywhere cars are sold.

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