Fat Loss After 40

Eric Guttmann

First it’s five pounds, then ten. Before long, you find yourself fifty pounds overweight and relying on motivation to magically melt the pounds—only your motivation is gone.

Perhaps you’ve always struggled with weight gain. Or maybe this was never a concern until your forties. For most of us, though, weight gain is a constant battle that becomes harder to win the older we are.

How do we make progress against Mother Nature? When do we stop fighting our own bodies? In Fat Loss After 40, retired Naval Officer Eric Guttmann—a health and fitness expert—provides his sensible system for shedding fat without starvation or excessive exercise. He shows you how to adopt a successful mindset and incorporate an elimination diet to reduce inflammation and drop pounds—potentially ten to fifteen in the first thirty days. You’ll learn how to reap benefits from fasting, incorporate a single exercise to boost human growth hormone, and use supplements to optimize cellular energy. If you’re tired of bearing the burden of excess weight, Fat Loss After 40 is the inspiration and know-how you need to lose the pounds—for good.

Eric Guttmann is an author and an Ultimate Human Performance (UHP) certified physio/kinesiology expert who served for more than twenty years in active duty as both a Naval Flight Officer (NFO) and a Foreign Area Officer (FAO). With several instruction certifications, including Elite Combat Fitness and Commando Krav Maga, Eric is a US Navy Certified Fitness Leader (CFL) with degrees in Physical Education and National Security Affairs. He studied acupuncture and Eastern medicine. He was also a collegiate track athlete in the javelin, along with judo and gymnastics.

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