Fall of the Angels

Josh Raymer

Silas Ford is dead, but his mission to save Heaven is just beginning. Fresh off his battle with the demon Malphas, Silas arrives in the afterlife to find two warring angel factions blazing a trail of death and destruction that leads straight to the throne room of God. Left to their own devices, the angels will utterly destroy Heaven and threaten the safety of its inhabitants.

Silas’s great-great-grandfather, Augustus Shaw—the greatest nephilim to ever live—has a plan to stop the fighting and return Heaven to its peaceful state, but the fallout of his actions would irrevocably alter Heaven and Earth in ways Silas can scarcely fathom.

With Heaven hanging in the balance and Silas’s hometown under siege, the clock is ticking, leaving God’s newest nephilim with a target on his back… and an impossible choice to make.

Press & Praise

Tucker Max, four-time New York Times bestselling author

I know and work with a lot of writers—very few are as good as Josh Raymer. When he writes something, I read it. I would advise you to do the same.

Since he was four years old, Josh Raymer has been writing stories. Back then, it was construction paper and crayon drawings. Today, it’s the first two novels in the Silas Ford series: The Devil’s Halo and Fall of the Angels. Josh hopes the story of Silas’s ongoing battle against the forces of darkness will be celebrated and shared by bookworms and reticent readers alike.

In addition to his fictional work, Josh also writes professionally for Scribe Media. His articles have appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Harvard Business ReviewWhen he’s not writing, Josh enjoys traveling with his wife, Ali, and their son, Paxton. On Sundays, you can find him watching Colts football games with his family and friends. He has three dogs named Clark, Bruce, and Wally (named after Superman, Batman, and The Flash, respectively). You can follow him on Twitter @joshraymer and find his fantasy football takes on The Big 3 IDP Podcast.

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