Everything You’ve Never Tried

Mike Carpenter

Every talented sales rep or manager wants to take their career to a higher level. But if you’re only focused on meeting quotas and expanding your territory, then you’re doing it all wrong. You have to think differently–to step outside your comfort zone and play offense instead of defense–if you’re really going to go places. And Mike Carpenter can show you the way.

Sales is filled with lone-wolf professionals who believe they’ll get ahead by doing more of what they’re already doing. But success is all about growth. Here are the insights, skills, and practices that will move you to the top of the ladder. Mike’s powerful approach combines strategic planning, out-of-the-box thinking, risk-taking, and teamwork, while firmly rejecting a defensive “cover-your-ass” mentality.

No matter what industry you’re part of, corporate or start-up, Everything You’ve Never Tried is what you need to become a superstar sales leader.

Press & Praise

Jim Lanzone, CEO CBS, Interactive

"There is no guaranteed formula for business success, but strong leadership will always tip the odds in your favor. The stories in this book, forged from experience, are told with passion and fearlessness. A must read for any sales executive - or anyone who aspires to become one."

Michael DeCesare, CEO & President, ForeScout

"Mike Carpenter is one of the most accomplished sales leaders I have ever worked with. He has the perfect mix of IQ and EQ. He holds his teams to a very high standard of product knowledge and customer focus, but he does it in a way that instills fierce loyalty and team work. This book is not only a fun read but it's got very practical examples that any aspiring CEO can learn from. "

Mike Carpenter

Mike Carpenter was already spreading his entrepreneurial wings by the age of nineteen. At twenty-five, he was recruited by McAfee Inc. after he had already founded and operated several successful small businesses. Charged with the task of improving some of the company’s poorest performing sales teams, he managed to take a number of them from worst to first through creative leadership, a dedication to teamwork, and a unique hands-on approach. Today, Mike is the President of Global Sales and Field Operations at Crowdstrike Inc., an industry leader in cloud-delivered next-generation endpoint protection.

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