Embracing Failure

Mat Pelletier

When you’re ready to take the next step in your life, whether that means starting a new business or applying for college, one force will block your path like a brick wall: fear. It becomes nearly impossible to take a risk when the negative consequences of that choice swirl in your head: financial ruin, humiliation, or the sting of failure.

What fear keeps you from seeing is that failure is the first step toward achievement.

In Embracing Failure, Mat Pelletier shows you how to shake off the paralyzing effects of fear and move toward what you want most. He’ll equip you with the tools needed to dig up seeds of doubt and plant seeds of confidence, plus a framework to set attainable goals and track your progress. Your road to success will come with obstacles, but if you learn to push past them, you’ll find the best things in life waiting on the other side. This is a story of inspiration, motivation, and ultimate success.

Press & Praise

Wendell Anderson, chief of operations Team Connecticut Baseball; MLB drafted by the Florida Marlins; Manhattan College D1 All-American

"Mat Pelletier has the unique ability to motivate and inspire by making you face your fears squarely. Building confidence is the foundation of baseball that is required at advanced levels. Embracing Failure is a home run!"

Mike Regina, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, multiple Inc. 5000 award winner

"Prepare yourself for a journey that will define a clear path to enduring confidence and ultimate victory. Embracing Failure is an extraordinary read that inspires you to embrace and view failure/adversity as an opportunity to take you to heights that you thought were unachievable."

Meredith Adler, assistant director, First Year Experience, Mitchell College

"As an educator, I know that failure is a powerful teacher. Mat Pelletier helps students and entrepreneurs embrace the lessons of failure and take command of their futures! A must-read for those who seek more out of their career."

Mat Pelletier

Mat Pelletier is the principal at Pelletier Construction Management LLC, a Clinton, Connecticut based firm that specializes in commercial and industrial construction management and real estate development. He enjoys writing about topics such as overcoming fear and entrepreneurship on his company’s blog. He attended Salve Regina University, where he took courses in history, philosophy, and law and earned a bachelor of arts degree. He has been in the commercial and residential construction business for thirty years. He is married and has two sons, ages fifteen and seventeen. Mat enjoys playing his guitars loud while his dog, Pedey, sings along. Yes, his dog can sing.

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