Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck

Bobby Klinck

Email marketing sucks…at least the way most marketers do it.

Conventional advice tells you to always be selling—or at least always be going for the click— but chances are, you hate writing emails, your audience hates reading them, and they aren’t making you any money.

But what if email didn’t suck? What if you enjoyed writing emails that your audience would binge-read like they watch Netflix? What if email actually made you money?

In Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck, Harvard Law–grad-turned-online-entrepreneur Bobby Klinck uses his lawyering skills to convince you that the old-school rules for email marketing are just plain dumb. He shows you how to do email right, teaching you the five phases of email marketing and how to infuse purpose into your message. You’ll learn how to tell a really good story that people want to read. But fair warning, if you’re a conversion copywriter, you’re an online marketing guru, or you have a serious problem with laughing at yourself, you probably should not read this book. If the occasional curse word makes you cringe, then you DEFINITELY should not read this book. Consider yourself warned.

Sometimes you need an outsider to shake things up—Bobby Klinck definitely fits this bill. He’s not classically trained as a copywriter, and no one has paid him to trick out a funnel. Since reimagining his approach to email marketing in 2018, Bobby’s weekly emails have become cult favorites. Even when selling the most boring thing ever (legal templates), people begged for his promotional emails. Bobby lives in Washington, DC, where he spends his days annoying his business team and his nights and weekends annoying his wife and daughter.

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