Don’t Leave a Mess!

Sandy Pollack

Building wealth, managing wealth, and transitioning wealth are not the same thing.

You’ve built your business, dedicated vast amounts of time and money to it, and now you’re ready to consider your legacy. What are you passing on, and how does it reflect your values? Is your family prepared for the legacy they will receive, or are you leaving them a mess?

In Don’t Leave a Mess!, estate planner and family business advisor Sandy Pollack unpacks what it means to make wise choices for your business that not only protect what you have worked so hard to build but reflect your why. With more than twenty years in the industry, Sandy helps family business owners unravel the complexities that running a successful business and building significant wealth can create.

Join Sandy in a thoughtful exploration of your own history and values so you can set the right priorities, choose the right team of professional advisors, simplify your legacy, and communicate with your family so that no mess is left behind.

Press & Praise

James Grubman, PhD, family wealth consultant and author of Strangers in Paradise: How Families Navigate Wealth Across Generations

Like its great title, Don't Leave a Mess! has one outstanding element often missing in books about financial advice: its clear readability. Sandy Pollack writes in a straightforward, commonsense voice, easily conveying complex issues and recommendations in a very natural style. She boils things down to their essence without oversimplifying, using stories and examples to help explain things. If you want to read one book on family legacy planning, make it Don't Leave a Mess!

Bill Brushett, President and CEO of Family Enterprise Canada

Most family business owners, particularly founders (Gen 1), avoid putting plans in place to deal with transition and succession. For various reasons, they struggle with knowing where to start and how to engage and communicate with their family to make rational decisions that will protect their legacy and wealth. The unfortunate outcome is a real mess for their family to clean up after they are gone. In this book, Don't Leave a Mess!, Sandy draws on her tremendous experience advising families to provide real-life strategies and guidance on how to successfully navigate planning your legacy. Her compelling stories and direct, no-nonsense approach will help family business owners overcome their procrastination and inertia to develop a true legacy-thinking mindset.

Moira Somers, PhD, C.Psych, author of Advice That Sticks

Silence is easy; opening up is hard. NOW GET MOVING! Written with a disarming combination of empathy and tough-mindedness, this book is a soup-to-nuts guidebook for the business-owning family. Need some ideas on how to start talking about money in your family? On picking the right advisors and getting rid of the wrong ones? On managing your own emotions while you do these tasks? The author provides grounded, practical strategies on everything it takes to do the hard, right things.

Sandy Pollack is the founder of Trimaran Advisory Group Ltd., a financial advisory firm that goes beyond traditional business and estate planning. Sandy and her team recognize the unique family dynamics, as well as personal and economic complexities, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals face. Serving as both principal and Lead Financial Advisor, Sandy is an advocate for values-based legacy planning—believing that building wealth and managing wealth are not the same thing. Sandy is certified as a Family Enterprise Advisor, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, and Trust and Estate Practitioner. She lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband, Steven, their three children, and their family dog, Mia.

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