Do What You Want on Wall Street

Geoff Blades

Are you doing what you want on Wall Street?

Are you doing the job you want? Are you getting paid? Promoted? Are you creating the career options you want? You are most certainly working hard, but is your career working hard for you?

Fifteen years ago when Geoff Blades stepped back from his career at Goldman Sachs and began asking those questions, he had no idea where it would lead. What began as the goal to find betters answers in his own career led Geoff to become obsessed with how we do what we want in our careers and lives.

Over the next decade, reading thousands of books and writing thousands of pages of ideas, Geoff transformed his own career at Goldman Sachs and the the Carlyle Group, before leaving Wall Street to teach others to get what they want.

Bringing together Geoff’s best ideas researched over fifteen years, this is the book he wished someone had handed him when this work began. To do what you want on Wall Street, this is the only book you will ever need.

Press & Praise

Managing Director, Investment Bank

"Try and read this first before anybody else does."

Managing Director, Investment Bank

"Is success in your Wall Street career worth the cost of a book and ten hours of your time? If the answer is "no," then you've chosen the wrong profession. If the answer is "yes," buy this book, read it, and use it. There is no better guide to helping you navigate your way up the ladder to a senior position on Wall Street."

Geoff Blades

A former investment banker at Goldman Sachs and investor at the Carlyle Group, Geoff Blades is an advisor to senior Wall Street executives and other leaders.

With more than fifteen years of experience on Wall Street and in researching personal development, and having trained with true masters of personal change, Geoff combines his Wall Street and personal development expertise to help his clients get what they want in their businesses, careers, and lives.

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