Do What You Want

Geoff Blades

Is your career what you dreamed it would be?

Are you getting what you want today? Are you on track to creating the career and life of your dreams?

You are most certainly working hard, but is your career working hard for you?

The same challenges exist in every career and at every level. Whether you are Jeff Bezos contemplating leaving a comfortable job to build a world-changing company, or fresh out of college thinking about your career direction, you want a sophisticated approach.

Working hard is not enough, and to create the career you truly want you need a new system. You can keep slaving away for the next forty years, or you can cast aside the ball and chain and take control of your career.

Press & Praise

James Altucher, WSJ Bestselling Author of Choose Yourself

"If Choose Yourself is the guide to breaking out of the system, this book is your guide to winning inside the system."

Geoff Blades

A former investment banker and investor, Geoff Blades is an advisor to senior Wall Street executives, CEOs, and CFOs, on corporate and strategic matters as well as topics of personal and professional development.

For Geoff this work began fifteen years ago when in his early twenties as an associate in Goldman Sachs’ investment banking group, he stepped back from his career and began asking, how do you get what you want in your career and life? Quickly realizing there was a lack of answers for already highly successful people, Geoff began to research answers for himself. Putting these ideas to work Geoff transformed his own career on Wall Street.

Today, with more than fifteen years of experience on Wall Street and in researching personal development, and having trained with true masters of personal change, Geoff combines his Wall Street and personal development expertise to deliver a broad range of advisory services to his clients.

Originally from Australia, today Geoff is based in New York.

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