Do the Work Once, Get Paid Forever

John Bogdasarian

Real estate investing might not seem very sexy, but it’s the most solid, dependable, predictably profitable way to diversify a portfolio. And you don’t have to be an expert to make very solid returns. All you need is the right partner and the guidance provided in this invaluable book.

With his signature, quirky wit, John Bogdasarian offers essential advice on how to get started with investing in real estate and how to move forward. He describes the different types of investors and investments and explores their risks and rewards. Most importantly, he shows you what to look for in a deal sponsor who can lead you to prime opportunities while handling the intricate details.

Unlike many markets, real estate always rebounds. You do the work once and get paid forever. Bogdasarian will show you how smart people invest in real estate. If your goal is to make money and protect it, there’s simply no better way to go.

John Bogdasarian

John Bogdasarian is a highly successful real estate investment and development professional with more than twenty-five years of experience. He started Promanas Group with 9 initial investors, raising $1 million for his first deal. Promanas Group now has over $1/2 billion under management serving over 400 accredited investors. Assets include existing industrial, warehouse, distribution, multi-family, and office space. In addition, Promanas Group has 9, ground-up developments in Denver, Nashville, Sarasota, DC, and Ann Arbor, MI. John sets the strategic direction for Promanas’s investment portfolio and oversees all major company decisions. He and his wife, Lindsay, live in Ann Arbor, MI, with their four children and are involved in sponsoring and chairing various local charities.

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