Divorce the IRS

Jimmy Miller

Your tax-deferred retirement account is a tax time bomb waiting to go off.

401(k)s. IRAs. You think you’re saving money on taxes. But what you’re probably doing is accepting a loan from the IRS—a loan with terrible terms that will come due when you need your money the most: in retirement!

With traditional retirement plans, the IRS has designed a tax system that entices you to do exactly what it wants you to do: line its coffers with your money. Millions of people end up wishing they had understood the tax traps earlier—only discovering the harsh financial reality when it’s far too late.

Don’t wait. Understand the IRS tax time bombs now, while there’s still time to defuse them.

Divorce the IRS: How to Defuse Your Biggest Tax Time Bombs Before You Retire will show you exactly how to avoid or defuse those time bombs step by step so you can make the rules work in your favor and turn the tables on the IRS.

Born in Zambia, married to a German, and having spent most of his life as an expat, James Miller, CRPC®, is no stranger to untangling complicated tax issues. He and his family enjoy international travel, sailing, mountaineering, and spending time with those they consider true friends.

The Founder of Baobab Wealth and Baobab Wealth Abroad, James helps Americans and cross-border families around the world create real wealth for themselves and their families in tax-efficient ways so they can maximize their own dreams in life and beyond.

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