Diversity Means Dollars

Vince Vitiello

Diverse consumers will buy from companies that attract them with a customized value proposition. The one-size-fits-all marketing approach caters to a bygone idea of the “American consumer.”

In Diversity Means Dollars: 7 Simple Steps to Capitalize on the Changing Marketplace, Vince Vitiello teaches you how to bring your marketing out of the past by targeting your products and services to a diverse market. Diverse markets present exponential revenue opportunities that remain largely untapped by many businesses. Vitiello guides you through the seven steps of leveraging diversity for dollars: from researching and selecting your target diverse market, to building a unique value proposition for that market, to creating your strategic marketing plan.

When you market toward diverse, underserved communities, you help them gain access to products they need or want but haven’t been able to easily obtain. Not only will Diversity Means Dollars show you how to achieve potential growth for your business, but by doing well for your business, you will also be doing good for underserved consumers.

Press & Praise

Chuck Kavitsky, former CEO of Allianz of America

Vincent has the rare talent of understanding the power of emotional connection and business opportunity to serve diverse markets. He has led many companies down a practical road that achieved immediate results and long-term success. This book is a great guide to a world that's changed and is still changing.

Janet & Gary Smith, IVY Planning

As a thirty-two-year-old firm providing diversity, equity, and inclusion assessment and strategy services, we've been fortunate to work with some truly great executives. Leaders that understood the tremendous opportunity that diversity and inclusion represented to world-class organizations. Vince is one of those executives. Working with corporate clients more than twenty years ago, we predicted that demographic changes would radically transform the workforce, workplace, and marketplace. The future is now. Vince's book is a must-read to understand how to attract, capture, and serve today's diverse marketplace.

Kevin Mayeux, CEO of NAIFA

The growth of the financial services industry will be driven by having more diverse advisors serving diverse communities across the country. Vince is a respected leader who has helped open the eyes of many leaders in the industry to the opportunities that multicultural markets present.

Vince Vitiello is a sales and marketing executive with more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry. Vince has both domestic and international expertise. His sales career began with MetLife, where he led a 10,000 advisor distribution force and created the company’s approach and success within diverse markets. He later joined Allianz, where he was president and chief executive officer of Allianz of New York, as well as chief marketing officer of Allianz of America. Vince also served as chief marketing and distribution executive vice president for National Life Group, and president of Global Diversity Marketing. At New America Marketing, President Vince Vitiello helps larger corporations reach underserved markets.

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