Disrupt or Die

Jedidiah Yueh

With cyclonic technologies like AI and automation sweeping the globe, established industries can be shaken up or taken down in less time and with less effort than ever before.

Businesses big and small need a revolutionary, not evolutionary, digital strategy. Thankfully, serial entrepreneur and CEO Jedidiah Yueh has compiled an arsenal of essential frameworks to help companies survive and thrive in the digital era.

With more than twenty years of experience as a digital disruptor, Yueh provides business owners and executives with the critical insights into why current efforts are failing and the tools to build digital products for sustainability, profitability, and survival.

Whether you’re an experienced executive, working in a startup, or just interested in technology, this book will help you reap the benefits of the digital renaissance instead of suffering from a digital apocalypse.

Press & Praise

"Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO, Kraft Group, Owner of the New England Patriots "

"I have often said if you want to sustain success, surround yourself with good people. I think one of Jed's strengths as a CEO is that he builds great teams and finds ways to challenge them and motivate them to excel. When I visited Delphix, I loved seeing the team Jed assembled and the culture he created. Jed has found a powerful formula for success, and this book will help others do the same."

David Cheriton, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Stanford; Cofounder, Arista; First Investor, Google

"The old saying that 'those who can, do, while those who can't, teach or write books' doesn't apply to Jed. He has a proven track record of bringing digital transformation to market. In this book, he teaches invaluable lessons and insights gleaned from the front lines of innovation."

David Castellani, SVP and Business Information Officer, New York Life

"Jed is an impressive CEO, visionary, executor, and technologist. Disrupt or Die unlocks Jed's strategy and techniques for leading in an age of rapid disruption. This is the digital playbook of our time."

Jedidiah Yueh

Jedidiah Yueh has spent two decades decoding innovation, collecting the hidden frameworks that drive many of the most successful entrepreneurs in technology today. He has personally implemented these frameworks, inventing software products that have driven more than $4 billion in sales. As founder and executive chairman of Delphix, he works with industry giants from Apple to Walmart to drive faster internal innovation through radical improvements in data management. Previously, he was the founding CEO of Avamar, which pioneered the data deduplication market. In 2013, he was named CEO of the Year by the San Francisco Business Times. This is his first book.

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