Demand-Side Sales 101: Stop Selling and Help Your Customers Make Progress

Bob Moesta

For a lot of us, selling feels icky. Our stomachs tighten at the thought of reciting features and benefits, or pressuring customers into purchasing. It’s really not our fault. We weren’t taught how to sell, plus we’ve been sold before, leaving us with a bitter taste.

Here’s the truth: sales does not have to feel icky for you or your customers. In fact, with the right approach, sales can be an empowering experience for all.

Bob Moesta, lifelong innovator and coarchitect of the “Jobs to be Done” theory, shares his approach for flipping the lens on sales. Bob shifts the focus of sales from selling, to helping people buy and make progress in their lives—demand-side sales.

Now, in Demand-Side Sales 101, you’ll learn to really see what your customers see, hear what they hear, and understand what they mean. You’ll not only be a more effective and innovative salesperson—you’ll want to help people make progress.

Press & Praise

Des Traynor, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Intercom

"Bob has already brought the benefit of applying his JTBD principles to two of the three most important areas in business: product strategy and marketing. This book tackles the third and arguably the most important: sales. Most sales gurus obsess about how to sell. Bob instead invests his time in the more important and underserved side of the equation: how people buy. The result is a fresh perspective and new ideas for an age-old trade."

Bill Aulet, professor at MIT Sloan, managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, and author of Disciplined Entrepreneurship

"I have always enjoyed my interactions with Bob Moesta, as have our demanding students. His work with regard to JTBD is top shelf. I am so glad he is now taking his creative engineering mindset to sales with his new book Demand-Side Sales 101. Sales is the lifeblood of any organization and unfortunately, it is too often seen as black magic. We need a more systematic way to approach sales and this extension of JTBD to sales fills an important gap. I recommend this book to anyone in business because nothing really happens until there is a sale."

John Roselli, general manager of the health division at Bose Corporation

"Bob applies his engineering mindset to the sales process. His unique perspective puts a new spin on sales that shows the reader how to sell from the buyer's perspective. What results is a thoughtful and comprehensive book that equips you to look at sales through a different lens, with frameworks that make it easy to apply the theory."

Bob Moesta is a teacher, builder, entrepreneur, and co-founder at The Re-Wired Group, a design firm in Detroit, Michigan. Bob has developed & launched over 3,500 products and sold everything from design services, software, and houses to consumer electronics, and investment services. He’s an adjunct lecturer at Kellogg School at Northwestern University, lectures on innovation at Harvard and MIT, and enjoys mentoring at incubators.

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