Creating Your Dojo

Dion Stewart & Joel Tosi

Transforming a company’s digital product development capabilities is a monumental task that can leave even the most seasoned leaders feeling completely overwhelmed.

Traditional approaches to training often fail to have their desired impact. Instead of transformation, you get piecemeal improvements that don’t lead to significant change.

Here’s the truth: if you want learning that sticks, you need a dojo.

In Creating Your Dojo, experienced dojo coaches Joel Tosi and Dion Stewart guide you through creating a dojo—an immersive learning environment— within your organization. A dojo enables your teams to learn new skills within the context of their real-world work. You’ll create a thriving product development culture where team members feel empowered to solve their own problems. Your organization will improve the quality of the products they deliver, reduce delivery cycle time, and create innovative products with better product/market fit.

Press & Praise

Jeff Patton, author of User Storymapping

"I've seen firsthand the profound inspiration and improvement that Joel and Dion's dojo approach has brought to companies. They go beyond coaching and workshopping to help organizations build competence with deliberate practice and reflection. Creating a "learning organization" has been an aspirational goal for many companies. Joel and Dion finally provide an approach for doing just that."

Roger Servey, founding member of Dojo Consortium, IT Verizon

"If you are embarking on a transformation journey, I highly recommend seeking guides who are experts in immersive learning, coaching, and modern IT best practices. Dion and Joel's unique experiences coaching coaches and establishing "the place of the way" in Fortune 500 companies are peerless. The wisdom they impart in this important primer will prove invaluable to all those establishing and growing technology Dojos."

Stacie Peterson, Agile product engineering, DevOps change leader

"Joel and Dion are great coaches, pragmatic technologists, and thoughtful teachers. They were able to not only help teams learn new practices, but also help them understand why those practices were valuable and how they contributed to creating better digital products. In our dojo, we also needed to work with senior executives. Joel and Dion helped us to create an experience that helped all executives understand the value of the dojo, rethinking our approach to learning and delivery as well as providing thought leadership around outcomes and metrics."

Dion Stewart

Dion Stewart has coached software teams at Fortune 50 companies in healthcare, finance, investment banking, retail, entertainment, and more. Given his developer’s background and transformation consulting experience, Dion is a sought-after speaker who’s given talks at QCon, Agile Development Conference West, Craft Conf, and DDD Europe. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two cats.

Joel Tosi

Joel Tosi began exploring ways to build better software as an engineer and architect in the early 2000s. Since then, Joel has coached software teams of all sizes in industries ranging from healthcare to finance. He’s spoken at and helped organize conferences including DevOps Days, Agile India, and the Scrum Gathering. Joel lives in Chicago with his wife and three children.

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