Courage for Profit

Steve McLeod

For many, owning a business is the ultimate dream. But turning that goal into a reality isn’t always easy. It takes more than desire to make a company flourish–a leader must have courage, vision, and relentless discipline to make their enterprise truly thrive.

When firefighter Steven McLeod founded Fire and Safety Australia, he had no experience in starting his own business. But through many setbacks and hard lessons, he learned the keys to success and turned his company into a multimillion-dollar organization. In Courage for Profit, he shares his formula for creating a booming enterprise within ten years. From defining a specific and winning strategy for the future, to building a solid team, to asking the hard questions and overcoming ego, to understanding the ins and outs of money and marketing, McLeod offers practical advice and real-world examples that will help any owner or consultant craft a plan for commercial triumph.

Being your own boss may not be easy, but by following McLeod’s straightforward formula, you’ll see maximum results. Just combine clear vision, focused discipline, and a whole lot of courage, and you too will unlock the secrets to business success.

Steve McLeod

Steve McLeod is the director of Courage for Profit, a consulting and coaching company aimed at business leaders who want to dramatically grow their business and profits. Trained as a firefighter, Steve grew his first company, Fire and Safety Australia, from zero dollars and one employee to an award-winning, leading provider of emergency-response training and services, employing more than 100 employees across Australia with revenues well in excess of 20 million dollars.

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