Collaborate as If Your Life Depends on It

Doug Crawley

When collaboration is absent—be it in business, sports, or relationships—success is likely to be absent, too. If you’ve been on a team where members favored a “me first” attitude or a “go-it-alone” approach, it was very likely a frustrating experience.

In business, the issue is simple: we aren’t trained on how to collaborate. If we are, it’s limited to team-building exercises, and this doesn’t create lasting change.

Doug Crawley has learned how to collaborate in every area of his life: sports, business, ministry, and especially in the military, where his life literally depended on it!

In this book, Doug shares stories from his life that illustrate the Five C’s of collaboration: commitment, clarity, confidence, caution, and courage. You’ll learn from his triumphs and his failures what it takes to begin working with others toward shared success.

Collaborate as If Your Life Depends on It is your ticket to increased productivity, faster problem-solving, enhanced innovation, better customer experiences—and most important of all—vastly improved relationships in business and in life.

Press & Praise

Albert A. Johnson Jr., M. Ed. College Professor

"As a former NFL football player, a former college quarterback, and a football coach, I am convinced that Collaborate as If Your Life Depends on It is a book that would be beneficial for all coaches and participants in team sports. Every team that wants to win is trying to work together to be successful."

Dr. Andre McGuire, Senior Pastor and Chaplain

"As a firm believer in process, I couldn't help but see the necessity for Doug's Five C's (commitment, clarity, confidence, caution, and courage) for our society. We all experience various forms of struggles and need to get through and out of them. Here are answers, effective solutions that can assist us. Thank you, Doug. Let God continue to use you."

Beverly Jennings, Founder and CEO, SEE Company Inc., Former Head Supplier Diversity & Inclusion, Johnson & Johnson

"Doug's wisdom in collaboration in ministry, business, marriage, life, and the military is invaluable for individuals and teams, and from startups to multinationals."

Doug Crawley is the president and CEO of Synasha and Staffing Synergies. He has over 40 years of management and entrepreneurial experience, including executive roles with two Fortune 100 companies. Doug served as a navigator and flight instructor in the US Air Force and was discharged with the rank of captain. During his seven years of military leadership, he flew 185 combat missions during the Vietnam Conflict. He is the founder of the MOST (Mentoring Our Students Together) Program, an after-school collaboration between his church and the local school district. He holds a BA in Mathematics, an MBA, and a doctorate of ministry degree.

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