Kevin Wilhelm

You’re hungry to get this win for your business, but you’re not sure where to turn next.

It can be extremely frustrating to feel that your business could be helping more people— should be helping more people—but you’re not reaching as many prospects as you think you should. You know that marketing is the key to unlocking the full potential of your business, but you have yet to find a resource that makes this complex category easy to understand and implement. Or, you hired an agency that promised huge results and were disappointed when what they delivered didn’t live up to the hype.

Click is the actionable guide you need to confidently (re)engage with digital marketing for your business. Entrepreneur and marketer Kevin Wilhelm knows the struggle business owners face, and now, he wants to help you experience digital marketing with newfound clarity. You’ll be equipped with questions to ask an agency or your team, the steps to build a marketing plan, software suggestions to help track ROI, and the wisdom to reinvest or walk away.

Press & Praise

Andrew Obrecht, co-owner of YYC/YEG Cycle

"Click makes sense of the complicated obstacles of digital marketing that we face daily! As an owner of a chain of fitness studios, we are constantly stuck, trying to find the most effective way to market our business to maximize returns and revenue. This book provides clear and easy-to-follow strategies, as well as insights to make sense of the ever-evolving world of marketing. It's a must-read if you want to thrive in a competitive market!"

Brian Salzgeber, Owner of Canmore Woodcrafters

"Kevin's passion is marketing, and he thrives on perfection. He has created a unique and innovative business model with his company POD Marketing, which ensures that each of his customers gets the best possible ROI. In each conversation with Kevin I walk away with a new perspective on something, whether it's how to be a better husband/father, or improve my business."

Matt Diteljan, founder of Glacier Media and Cascade Influencers

"Kevin is a revolutionary and contrarian marketer changing the way entrepreneurs scale their companies, using outside-the-box and measurable methods. A firm believer that advertising is the business tax entrepreneurs pay for being unremarkable, Kevin has helped hundreds of clients become remarkable and market leaders in their space."

Kevin Wilhelm

Kevin Wilhelm has seen the evolution of digital marketing firsthand, having worked in this space since 2008. Kevin now serves as the President of POD Marketing, a network of marketing agencies he co-founded in 2014. What started with one client has grown to more than 100, from one employee to over thirty, and from the struggles of bootstrapping a startup to generating millions in recurring revenue.

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