Alessandro Lanteri

As a business leader, you need to make decisions that set your company up for success, now and in the future. The challenge? In this fast-changing world, the rules of strategy are being rewritten and the go-to solutions you once relied on are no longer enough. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. As emerging technologies like AI and blockchain become ubiquitous, they will unleash unprecedented levels of disruption.

Drawing on his broad global experience, Alessandro Lanteri delivers the essential guide to strategy for this new era. His CLEVER Framework will help you understand the deep strategic drivers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, reflect on how they affect you and your business, and respond effectively.

If you’re ready to fulfill your potential as a leader and create a future-ready business, it’s time to get Clever.

Press & Praise

Mark Esposito, PhD, Professor of Strategy, Hult International Business School and Harvard University, and co-author of the bestsellers, The AI Republic: Building the Nexus Between Humans and Intelligent Automation & DRIVE: Understanding How the Future Unfolds

"CLEVER is more than an acronym or a framework. It sets the stage for a thinking paradigm to guide the reader towards the new tenets emerging from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and inspire them with reflection and action on what needs to be done to thrive in this complex era. Written with wonderful fluidity, Alessandro's work is a new benchmark in the understanding of where society is heading and how it will evolve."

Andrew White, PhD, Associate Dean for Executive Education and Corporate Relations, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

"New technologies like AI, blockchain, and augmented reality are changing the rules of strategy and challenging established business models. From finance to healthcare, from oil and gas to manufacturing, from logistics to industry will be spared. Alessandro asks all the right questions to help business leaders navigate change and prepare for a very uncertain, yet very exciting future."

Andrea Galeotti, PhD, Professor of Economics, London Business School

"Alessandro's broad knowledge of business in a global world comes together as a thought-provoking framework to understand the future, which will be valuable to business leaders across industries."

Alessandro Lanteri

Dr. Alessandro Lanteri is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School in Dubai and London, and teaches executive education programs at ESCP Europe and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Alessandro has advised multi-national corporations, the UN and the World Economic Forum, and worked with startups and family businesses across Europe, the US, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. His research has been published in Harvard Business Review and MIT Technology Review outlets, LSE Business Review, the World Economic Forum Agenda, and Forbes. A popular keynote speaker, Alessandro’s TEDx talk has been viewed more than 200,000 times. To learn more, visit

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