Cheers to Chaos

Katie B. Happyy

Cheers to Chaos: 8 Tools for the Puffy-Eyed and Powerful presents the shockingly raw, wild stories of master yoga teacher Katie B. Happyy.

Katie’s life is a hot, chaotic mess—from her challenges with modern dating apps to the sudden facial paralysis that left her unable to smile.

With the kind of brutal honesty usually reserved for top Netflix comediennes, Katie will have you snort laughing through the ups and downs of it all right along with her.

Read it for a laugh. Read it to feel lighter. Read it to remember the profound and fundamental truth that you are not alone.

With unique tools and techniques to magnify your confidence and infuse your life with financial abundance, spiritual freedom, relational success, and optimal health, Cheers to Chaos is for every broken badass searching for happiness and meaning.

Get ready to rekindle your self-worth, trust your next steps, and stand in your power of who you are now.

Katie B. Happyy has always taken inner transformation seriously—and with a healthy dose of humor. But when she woke up in 2015 with Bell’s palsy and couldn’t move the right side of her face, her spirit took a giant pause. Still, Katie fought through, giving up society’s definitions of beauty and becoming an international lululemon model and ambassador featured by NBC, CBS, and Shape magazine.
Her global company, b inspired—an LLC and 501(c)(3) charity organization—has changed thousands of lives across over thirty countries, helping broken badasses recover from loss, rediscover their power, and find their calling.

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