Catching Knives

Jake Harris

Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even when the blood is your own.
—Baron Rothschild

Almost every decade, in every recession, you have the chance to change your life.

Big returns. Passive income. Financial freedom. Even investors with little experience in commercial real estate can learn how to seize the moment of a distressed market and create a life of freedom. In Catching Knives, twenty-year investment veteran Jake Harris helps you take the first steps to smart investing when distress makes commercial real estate a bargain buy. After becoming a millionaire before thirty, Jake found himself overextended, with massive debt, in the middle of a monumental recession. But he emerged stronger than before by building a new foundation for a different kind of portfolio—one that leveraged distressed market opportunities.

Packed with practical advice and personal anecdotes, this is your guidebook for embracing the next economic downturn and navigating the risk of distressed investing. With the right strategy, you can be one of the few who lean into hard times, make the most of them, and take advantage of once-in-a-generation opportunities.

Press & Praise

Pat Hiban, Co-Founder of GoBundance; New York Times bestselling author of 6 Steps to 7 Figures

"Buying when there is blood in the streets, Jake shows examples of his own personal experiences and how you might avoid the same mistakes--in practical ways to change your mindset and prepare for distressed investing."

David J. Orr, President and Founder, REI Development, Inc.

"Jake is a true front-runner in our industry with a brilliant talent for identifying and evaluating investment real estate opportunities. His insight into investment strategy in a distressed real estate market is a powerful tool."

David Osborn, New York Times bestselling author of Wealth Can't Wait

"Catching Knives is a practical guide to change your mindset and prepare for investing in distressed opportunities. Regardless of where we are in the cycle, this is a must-read, as Jake shares personal experiences that all can learn from."

Jake Harris is the founder and managing partner of a private equity real estate firm that has managed, developed, and acquired more than $200 million in assets under management in the last five years alone. Jake has a master’s degree in international real estate and is a licensed California broker and recognized expert in opportunity zones, infill development, construction cost-control systems, and the scaling of distressed investing business. To learn more about creating financial freedom through real estate investment, visit

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