Joseph Kopser

It’s an exciting and challenging time to lead. Globalization and technology are increasing the frequency of catalyst events – which trigger big changes with broad-reaching effects – ranging from innovations to socioeconomic crises. The consequences of these upheavals will transform industries, communities, and nations. Leaders who seek to ensure their organization’s success in the evolving environment must be prepared and proactive.

Joseph Kopser and Bret Boyd are in the business of disruptive-change management. In this book, they show readers how change works, why disruption is happening more quickly, how to adapt, and what leadership it necessitates. They also identify several emerging catalysts that are altering market and geopolitical realities today and demonstrate how corporate, government, and academic sectors can thrive amid these transformations.

Change is happening more quickly and with more widespread ramifications than ever before. Catalyst is the spark leaders need to understand these emerging forces and to build adaptive organizations that will excel in the rapidly evolving environment.

Press & Praise

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author of MOVE: Putting America's Infrastructure Back in the Lead and Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End

"Kopser and Boyd offer a sweeping tour of the big technologies and future shifts that are catalysts for change now--as diverse as genomics and 3-D printing, robotics and new sourcesof energy. They make the case that leaders in all sectors must be alert, flexible, and innovative in order to turn the possible threats fromthese changes into major opportunities."

Susan A. Shaheen, PhD, adjunct professor and codirector of theTransportation Sustainability Research Center, University of California, Berkeley

"Kopser and Boyd explore demographic and technological changes reshaping the developed world. Catalyst is a vital resource for policymakers trying to understand and respond to disruption and high-tech innovation."

Brett A. Hurt, CEO and cofounder of and cofounder of Bazaarvoice, Coremetrics, and Hurt Family Investments

"We are living in a period of exponential change, as Ray Kurzweil teachesus. Joseph and Bret are very accomplished military and business leadersand have unusually blended these two schools of leadership into theirbrilliant book, Catalyst, takingaccount of the more rapidly changing era we are living in. Leadership is more important than ever, and Joseph and Bret's book will help yousurvive--and thrive--during this very important period, whereopportunity is more abundant but also risks are more perilous."

Joseph Kopser

Joseph Kopser is the cofounder of the Grayline Group, a firm dedicated to the identification and management of disruptive change. Previously, he cofounded and was the CEO of RideScout. A graduate of West Point and Harvard Kennedy School, Joseph served in the US Army for twenty years.

Bret Boyd

Bret Boyd is the cofounder of the Grayline Group. He is a strategy and corporate development executive with extensive experience in the defense, energy, technology, and finance sectors. A West Point graduate, Bret served in the US Special Operations Command as an infantry officer in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

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