Buying Out the Boss

Michael Vann & Kevin Vann

People often assume that buying a business is easier when you know the owner–there’s a layer of trust and congeniality that doesn’t exist among strangers. But if you want to negotiate the best deal for yourself without wrecking relationships, you need to arm yourself with the right set of tools and tactics.

In Buying Out the Boss, father-son team Kevin and Michael Vann reveal how you can handle common problems that arise during transactions between colleagues and family members. You’ll learn to:

  • Be strategic, not emotional
  • Avoid informal arrangements
  • Make sure expectations are aligned
  • Assess the company’s true value
  • Create a transition plan
  • Finance the deal
  • Close with confidence

Inside transactions can go off the rails when you don’t know what to expect. With Buying Out the Boss, you’ll understand the process and move through every step with confidence.

Michael Vann & Kevin Vann

Kevin Vann and his son Michael Vann are principals in the Vann Group, a firm that has helped business owners with succession planning since 1979. Over the years, the Vanns have guided hundreds of business leaders through the transfer of ownership, providing both buy-side and sell-side representation while ensuring the continued success of the companies. The succession and transition plans that they assist in developing incorporate the entire spectrum of decisions about finances, taxes, operations, and leadership.

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